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#TRUTH: The exact talents and capabilities that got you to this point are now holding you back from getting to the next level.

Here’s my guess about you…

  • You want to develop a stronger mindset and belief that despite your young age, you are as competent, if not more compared to others – stop that nagging feeling of ‘imposter syndrome’.
  • You want to learn how to say ‘No’ to commitments that will take up your energy, time and efforts – without feeling guilty.
  • You want to stop doing busy work, prioritise more effectively and start leveraging other people to collectively deliver outputs.
  • You want to process your thoughts and resolve problems more effectively – take on objective feedback and different perspectives.
  • You want to take the lead and build productive relationships with people in your career or business.

The thing is YOU HAVE BIG DREAMS but something is in your way!

Hello – I’m Mei Phing, your Coach with this unique gift of seeing through the bullsh*t and simplifying the complex. As a young high performer with a proven track record in corporate business leadership and management, I get that it can be challenging to navigate the complexities even if you are clear on what you want to achieve. Having been a Certified ICF coach, NLP and MBTI practitioner, I have both the practical experience and the right tools to help you get rid of your fears and limiting beliefs, navigate complexities and create sustained success in your career or business.

It’s now my mission to help high-performing young corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to get out of their own way, navigate complexities and create sustained success!


Coaching program designed based on my tried-and-tested “P.H.I.N.G” model!

[P] Personality – Get to know the true you
[H] Hacker – Rewire your mindset
[I] Illuminate – Explore possibilities
[N] Navigate – Design strategic actions
[G] Go-Getter – Take consistent steps forward


Get crystal clear on your ‘Dark Side’ and how these are creating challenges that are holding you back from being efficient and effective. Design an action plan that you can immediately implement to move forward.

2–Hour online video session

90-minute deep-dive assessment

30-minute action plan design

WhatsApp check-in and support (one week)


Deep dive into your ‘Dark Side’ and how they are holding you back from the next level of success. Develop a laser focus mindset and strategy to overcome each of your ‘Dark Side and set you up for sustainable success.

90-Day / 6-Month personalised program

12 one-on-one coaching sessions x 60 minutes

90-Day: Weekly coaching / 6-Month: 2X Monthly coaching

WhatsApp check-in and support (program period)

It’s time that we take ownership of our superpower strengths and the kryptonite that’s stopping us from getting to where we want to be.

Let’s get honest with ourselves and become our own superhero!

What Is It Like To Work With Me?

Mei Phing is an incredible coach whom I can really connect with. She is very approachable and is an expert in breaking down complex concepts into digestible sizes. Her logical reasoning has helped me realise the actions I need to take to achieve my work-life goals. With focused sessions, she gives me the opportunity for self-exploration while guiding me with sound advice. I would highly recommend Mei Phing to all the young adults who are still trying to find their way out there.

Xiao Fen Koh, External Communications Specialist, Singapore

Mei Phing is an invaluable and inspiring coach. She empowered me to find my inner strength through self-realisation and offer concrete suggestions for moving ahead. Her high level of insight and expertise help you see yourself from a completely new perspective.

Jae Huei Liew, Finance & Audit Professional, Singapore

Mei Phing exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. Mei Phing’s ability to deal with even the toughest situation – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Varadharajan Murugan, Financial Institutions – Banks, India

Mei Phing is outstanding in her ability to make strategic decisions and design an effective approach to meet the desired objectives. She sets very high standards and presents information in a very detailed and systematic manner. Truly one of the best that I have worked with.

Joseph Sumanth, Senior Manager – Global Shared Services, India

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