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In today’s podcast, I talk about creativity, and why creativity really goes a long way.


Let me ask you this – How often does an issue arise? Or maybe even issues, problems, circumstances?


If your personal and professional lives are like the most of us, I’m sure it happens more than you like.


And that’s where creativity comes in.


Creativity is a very close soft skill that will help in problem-solving.


The thing about problem solving is this – it’s very easy to tell someone that they need to bring you solutions, but how are they going to come up with solutions?


Is it just a simple google.com and the magical genie called Google will simply answer all of your questions?


But is it tailored to your actual circumstance and your actual issue?


Probably NOT.

I hear a lot of words thrown around such as transformation, change management etc. Every person whether in business or in corporate are constantly talking about this ability to adapt as well as be flexible.


But why is that really important?


In today’s podcast, I talk about adaptability, because the truth is nothing ever stays the same.


The world is changing at a rapid pace – whether you want to recognise it or not.


There was a place and time where we used passbooks, cheque books etc. – those days are long gone, and we are moving into a digital world.

Now, let me ask you a few questions – is your work always accurate, is your report always thorough, does your deliverable always contain all the information that is being asked for?


In today’s podcast, I talk about why we should pay attention to detail, and it’s not always about the big picture.


If you can’t answer Yes to all of these questions, this will likely mean that you have not yet mastered the art of paying attention to detail.


I know that thinking big, strategic thinking, having big picture thinking, these are the words you hear thrown out a lot in the corporate world or in business today. Every leader needs to have big thinking, big data, big whatever etc.


But let me tell you today, the small things matter too.


The small things that are ultimately the ones that make up the big things.

Making decisions is the hallmark of a leader. It shows that you are confident enough to take the next step forward and taking the next right step forward is all that matters.


Progress is still progress.


The worse thing is procrastinating and then waiting for something to happen.


In today’s podcast, I talk about why you need to make your own decisions, and what is holding you back.


Like I always say – hope is not a strategy. This is something that I tell every single one of my coaching clients – it’s so important to remember.


Let that really sink in.


Why some people are afraid of making decisions?


It’s all down to the fear of making a wrong decision – people don’t like to be wrong.

In today’s world, we are all very focused on doing, doing, doing…


There’s always something to do, there’s always something we need to take action on.


The thing is, if you don’t think about why you’re doing something and what you are trying to achieve, what is the likelihood that you will achieve what you’ve set out to achieve?


In today’s podcast, I talk about clear and critical thinking, and how it helps in problem-solving.


This is what’s really happening in corporates as well as in business.


Everyone is looking for growth, everyone is trying to chase this magical growth out there without getting clear on what their strategy is.


And, that’s where clear and critical thinking comes in.

While you’re out and about this Friday night – reminding you that leadership really starts with you!


In today’s podcast, I talk about why leadership is ultimately self-management.


We are now in Day 5 of my 10-day ‘Top 10 Soft Skills’ series!


I know that leadership is a very big word – we hear it a lot, all the time.


Everyone’s telling you that you have to become a good leader – we all want to become a good leader, we want to become a team lead, we want to have a big team etc.


So, I want you all to take a pause today and realise that leadership truly starts with you.


If you want to become a leader, guess who you have to lead first.


It’s YOU!

Emotional intelligence is the number 1 skill to do well – either in your career or business.


In today’s podcast, I talk about emotional intelligence, and specifically why developing your EQ skills is essential for success today or tomorrow.


EQ is something that I’m very passionate about, and if you’ve been following my content for some time now, I’m sure you would have seen videos and posts on this topic.


You might even wonder why is EQ important?


What is this all about?


Is this a trend?


Is this some sort of hippie thing?


Is this something that we are doing for HR, like an employee engagement thing?


It’s not.

Things are not always about YOU – I’ve spent many years in the corporate world where I’ve seen lots of people getting stuck because they make things all about them.


In today’s podcast, I talk about creating win-win relationships.


What value do you bring? How are you actually helping?


Unfortunately, I’ve seen many people getting stuck in their heads about the whole Me, Me, Me – you have to do this for ME!

Is there ever a day where we don’t have to deal with people? To progress in your career or do well in business, you must be able to get along with people.


In today’s podcast, I talk about getting along with other people.


Yes, there are a lot of things you can do on your own.


But a huge portion of that will rely on other people to help you make things work, and even if you have a product to sell as an entrepreneur, you need clients.


And, clients are people.


There are some very highly prized abilities such as teamwork, collaboration, cooperation and coordination.


Guess what is the fundamental of all these?



We all know by now that everything in your life, work or business is impacted by your ability or inability to communicate well.


In today’s podcast I talk about the art of communication.


What is this big word called ‘communication’?


Is communication solely confined to the ability to speak well?


A lot of people equate communication to public speaking – I beg to differ.


I think that communication is that 99.9% of conversations that we have in our daily life.


In my view, communication consists of five key components: listening, speaking, writing, reading and non-verbal.


It’s your time to
thrive in a
complex world!

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